Leading American Attorneys were identified by American Research Corporation -- but selected by their peers. Eligibility cannot be purchased. It is based strictly on peer selection.

The selection of Leading Attorneys is based on the premise that attorneys know attorneys best. The research group used the three-step process described below to identify Illinois' most respected legal counsel as selected by their peers.

Step One: Market Research

Using a wide variety of established sources of information about attorneys, the market research staff generated lists of prominent attorneys throughout Illinois in each area of law. They asked these prominent attorneys to identify other outstanding Illinois attorneys. This market research set the stage for the next research phase, a survey of Illinois Bar members that resulted in a list of peer-nominated attorneys.

Step Two: Attorney Nomination Survey

Using both direct mail and telephone survey methods, they first surveyed each of the identified prominent attorneys and followed that with a survey of thousands of members of the Illinois Bar. Each was asked: "If you had a friend or relative who needed an attorney with expertise in a specific area of law with which you could not assist, to whom in Illinois would you refer him or her?" Attorneys responded by providing names of those attorneys to whom they do or would make referrals. These independent recommendations were considered nominations, and only those receiving multiple nominations in a specific practice area were considered for selection as Leading Illinois Attorneys.

Step Three: Verification

Information about this peer-nominated group of attorneys was verified by contacting the nominated attorney and/or his or her firm directly. They also verified that all peer-nominated attorneys were currently licensed to practice in Illinois and in good standing with the Illinois Supreme Court's Attorney Registration Office.

The Result

This three-step process resulted in a list of fewer than 6 percent of Illinois attorneys covering the breadth of practice areas.

I'm proud to have been so selected by my peers.

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